At a crossroads?

Welcome to the Crossroads 2-day retreat

"I am extremely grateful for the insights I have learnt and the practical way forward."  (Participant, March 2018)

Discover how to make good choices at key decision points in your life through:

  • understanding your own uniqueness
  • identifying what you really want
  • creating a plan to move forward with confidence

The Crossroads 2-day retreat includes sharing and group reflection, as well as quiet and personal space. It's a chance to step out of everyday life to reflect, with others, on your goals and dreams, your values and your relationships.

See our upcoming retreat dates, or book your retreat using the booking form that can be downloaded here.

"I am grateful for gracious direction, in a safe space and I feel privileged to have been a witness to others' stories."  (Participant,  March 2018)

"I feel relief, contentment and at peace. Excited for the road ahead" (Participant, March 2018)

We look forward to welcoming you.
Sat 13 to Sun 14 March 2021
Origins Retreat Centre

Sat 14 to Sun 15 Aug 2021
Origins Retreat Centre
Upcoming Crossroads Retreats
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The Story Behind the Retreats

Crossroads Retreats is a charity
founded in 2004 in the UK.
It was brought into being to help
anyone who finds themselves at
a crossroads in their lives. 
Contact was made with the charity
from South Africa, and the
Crossroads Team UK very
generously came to South Africa
and trained retreat guides so
that the retreat experience
could be available here.

What is it all about?

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